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2 1/4

2 1/4" x 230', Thermal Credit Card Paper Receipt Papers, 50 rolls

Thermal Credit Card Paper Receipt Papers, 50 rolls. 3 1/8

3 1/8" x 230', Thermal Credit Card Paper Receipt Papers, 50 rolls

3 1/8" x 110', Thermal Credit Card Paper Receipt Papers, 50 rolls

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3 1/8" x 110', Thermal Credit Card Paper Receipt Papers, 50 rolls
* Thermal Paper for POS Machines and Cash Registers.
* Thermal Papers for Stores, Businesses, Restaurants.
* Each Paper Rolls has an end of warning red signal.
* Thermal Paper Rolls are made from the High Quality Paper.
* 48 GSM grade paper.
* BPA Free and Cost effective Thermal paper.
* Thermal Papers for wholesale / for resale / online / in bulk.

Detail information of Product
3 1/8" x 110' / 50 rolls

This Item is for Wholesale or retailer customers to resale.
The smaller quantity order, getting higher the price.
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Minimum Order QTY: 1
Availability: In stock
High Quality thermal paper is designed for crisp, clear, durable print images while meeting OEM printhead requirements.
Ideal for Point of Sale Printers / Cash Registers and many more.
Red Sides to indicate that the Paper is running low and will need replacing soon.
This product is designed for ease of use by printing cleanly and helping prevent paper jams by feeding paper smoothly.
This thermal receipt paper is designed to be compatible with hundreds of printers.
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