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6D Faux Mink Lashes, Gold Natural Soft 6D False Eyelashes, 10 Set

6D Faux Mink Lashes, Gold Natural Soft 6D False Eyelashes, 10 Set

6D Faux Mink Lashes, Gold Natural Soft 6D False Eyelashes, Display, 60 set

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* High quality 1 side 6D Faux Mink Lashes Display Case.
* Clear acrylic eyelash display stand will Make Your Product Looking Better.
* 6D Multi - Layer Effect mink Eyelashes - Bold, Voluminous & Lightweight.
* Natural and beautiful 6D Faux Mink Lashes.
* Easy to Apply, Comfortable and Reusable with proper care.
* Eyelashes can be trimmed to fit the contour of your eyes.
* Create a beautiful, glamorous look by 6D mink lashes.
* All handmade craft full strip lashes. Perfect for retail eyelash display.
* With professional eyelash glue, You can apply the lashes instantly.
* Easy to remove by eye makeup remover or tools.
* Can be used for many times if the eyelashes are used and removed properly.
* Free from chemical treatment & hypoallergenic Cruelty-free.
* 6D Mink lashes for sale / wholesale.

6D Faux Mink Lashes #601 ~ #615 x 4 each = Total 60 Pair

Display Information
4 x 13 x 18 inch / 4.3 lb

Minimum Order QTY: 1
Availability: In stock
With just the right length and width, the eyelashes look soft and natural, Vivid and shiny.
Eyelashes 6d mink is special eyelashes for fashion-forward lash lovers.
6D eyelashes is false lashes are the best ones yet.
Super long, fluffy curls and best shape to fit.
It features lightweight, soft band.
Our 6D eyelashes are totally hand-made and very fit to today's hottest makeup trends.
6D eyelashes are very comfortable and lightweight that you wouldn't even feel you have it on.
long fake lashes is Easy to Apply and Safe to Your Eyes, Cruelty-free.

15 DIFFERENT STYLES LASHES: Fluffy Dramatic Long False Eyelashes are elegant and glamorous adding even length and volume.
DURABLE & REUSABLE: Faux mink eyelashes can be reused up to 15 times with proper care.
SUPER GIFT CHOICE: Our false eyelashes are definitely an amazing gift for all women who pursue beauty.
You can't go wrong with 6D Faux Mink Lashes.

Every woman is eager to have a pair of charming eyes, which can bring hope, bring love and bring confidence to women.
A pair of long and thick eyelashes can light up your facial features, strengthen your natural beauty and help you face the world better.
I hope that every woman can pursue beauty and be true to herself.
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Display - Turning Type Normal
Display - Position Type Any Position
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