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Body Oil Storage Perfume Fragrance

Body Oil Storage Perfume Fragrance, Acrylic Display Stand with Lock, 120 set

Body Oil Storage Perfume Fragrance, Turntable Rotating Rack 5 Tier Counter Display, 120 set

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* Perfume Fragrance Body Oil Storage for Store.
* Manually Turning Rotating Spinning Clear Plastic Display.
* 360 degree Rotating Rack Holder Stand Body Oil Fragrance Display.
* Acrylic Plastic Display with High Quality Body Oils.
* 5 Rack Holder for each side of Stand Body Oil Display.
* 4 sides display surfaces.
* New Acrylic Display Body Oil stand.
* 120 pcs Fragrance Body Oils included.
* Suitable for Body Oils, Essential Oils, whatever contained by small jar.
* Stable and Reliable Base Stand Display.
* Body Oil Display for sale / for wholesale / online.

Size & Weight
6 x 6 x 17 inch | 12 lb

Minimum Order QTY: 1
Availability: In stock
Body Oil List
Women Men Unisex
[W01] Baby Powder
[W02] Black Women
[W03] Chanel No. 5
[W04] Gucci Guilty
[W05] Heat By Beyonce
[W06] Issey Miyaky
[W07] Mechelle Obama
[W08] Paris Hilton
[W09] Pink Sugar By Aquolina
[W10] Cool Water By Davidoff
[W11] White Diamond
[W12] Light Blue By Dolce & Gabbana
[W13] Bobmshell By Vs
[W14] Dreams By Mariah Carey
[W15] Burberry Body
[M01] Barack Obama
[M02] Black Code By Armani
[M03] Burberry Touch
[M04] Chrome By Azzaro
[M05] Gucci Guilty Black
[M06] Light Blue By Dolce & Gabbana
[M07] Polo Red
[M08] Cool Water By Davidoff
[M09] Pleasures
[M10] Unforgivable By Sean John
[M11] Usher
[M12] Jay-Z
[M13] Jean Paul Gaultier
[M14] Very Sexy By Vs
[M15] Sean John I Am King
[U01] Amber White
[U02] Egyptian Musk
[U03] Lick Me All Over
[U04] Sex On The Beach
[U05] Kush
[U06] Pussy

*Items are subject to change.

Wholesale Oil Counter Top Display with 120 Single Bottles of roll on Premium Oil Perfume with Mixed Fragrances for Men and Women.
This Product is a Very Good seller for Convenience Store, Hair Store and other type Store, Essential Oil Lovers, a Massage Therapist and professional salesperson.
This clear design holder of the essential oil organizer makes it great for everyday use and keeps clutter away on the vanity, counter top, work desk, etc.
or for displaying a essential Oil selection in a storefront.
More Information
Display - LED Not LED
Display - Turning Type Turntable
Display - Position Type Any Position
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